Candidate Statements 

Dhruv Dhody

My name is Dhruv Dhody and my pronouns are they/them. I am the chief architect at Huawei Technologies in Bangalore, India. I have been with Huawei for almost 20 years. I am currently working on research & standards for various technologies such as Path Computation Element (PCE), Segment Routing (SR), Network Slicing and SDN technologies. I have been an active IETF contributor since 2010 in the Routing area with a focus on Path Computation. I also co-chair the PCE WG and EO-DIR in the IETF. I am part of the Routing Directorate and Operations Directorate. In the past, I also served on the IETF list moderator’s team. I was recently selected to serve on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) as well. 

I am the founding member of the INTC and have served as a board secretary since its inception. I am responsible for managing the meeting materials, minutes and general operation of the INTC. I have played a key role in the website design as well. One of the key missions of the INTC is to provide educational webinars and I have helped in the organizing, finding speakers as well as giving webinars myself. Some of this work was done in close collaboration with our partners – India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc) and worked towards signing a MoU between the organizations as we work on the common mission. With IIESoc, we have organized multiple iterations of a successful annual event called Connections that has been very well received in the industry and helps bridge the gaps between under-represented industries and regions at the IETF. 

I have helped in finding a worthy partner in an educational institution in India, which sparked various projects, such as IPv6 deployment at the same institute, more in depth deployment focused webinars with a lab component, IoT and security webinars etc. I have played a key role in getting grants and these have helped us in preparing educational materials, recruiting students from Indian institutes to start working on internet draft, doing measurements, running Internet wide experiments and preparing interesting reports for the industry. These have been presented at the IETF. 

Apart from the technical work, I am also focused on increasing IETF participation from the Asia/Pacific and other under-represented regions and increasing diversity and inclusion in the Industry. 

I wish to continue on the role if the INTC members support the idea. I hope to see INTC achieve more in its mission, be more transparent and open, and try some new things apart from what’s already working. Even if I am not selected to be on the board, I hope I can help INTC in achieving its mission from the outside. 

Michael Ackermann

I am a current candidate to retain my position as an INTC Board Member.   My categories of reasons for seeking to retain this position include:

  1. Technical: I am a Network Engineer for a large enterprise.  I am involved in Architecture, Engineering, Management and diagnostics.   I believe I possess a detailed and “Hands On” perspective on all Networking and IT issues, requirements, limitations and challenges, at large organizations.   This perspective is fairly unique and is critical for INTC to have & understand, to achieve our mission.
  2. Political/Administrative: Due to several projects and technical issues, I have been involved in the past several years, I understand the HUGE Gap that exists between Enterprises (and all large organizations), and most all Standards Development Organizations (SDOs).   I have been directly active in several, such as IETF and ETSI, indirectly with several others, and the fact that I can understand both sides of this “Great Divide”, is very important in helping  INTC to achieve its goals.
  3. Personal:  Due to my many years of experience in IT and Networking, I understand where many important problems and issues exist (or will exist), for large network operators, but more importantly, I have developed a passion for seeing that these issues get resolved, or at least get addressed.   Many of these challenges are significant and it will take large doses of energy, time and effort, to address them and provide viable solutions. I seem to have developed large amounts of all three and are excited to continue helping INTC help Enterprises.

Dr Rajesh

Dear Friends
Presently I am working as Associate Professor, Department of Statistics and Data Science, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, India. Prior to this, I was working as a Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Computer Applications, Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering, Kolenchery, Ernakulam,  from August 2007 to May 2018. I have 25+ years of experience in teaching, software development and research. As a teacher, I have developed my skills in team motivation and public relations. I am known for dedication, punctuality, hard work, and sincerity. I have organized many national and international conferences jointly with Government bodies and universities. I have published 50+ papers in various Journals and Conferences. I have guided three research scholars and currently guiding seven scholars. I have received the Rashtriya Gaurav Award, Best Citizen Award, Outstanding Faculty Award, and Educational Leadership
award to my credit. 
My educational qualification includes a Master degree in Computer Application, Master degree in Personnel Management, Diploma in Computer Maintenance and Ph.D. in Computer science. Throughout my career, I am very much connected with managerial activities apart from teaching. I am sure my past experience and knowledge would complement INTC objectives, visions, and projects.

INTC Board Elections 

This page will be used to provide information related to the 2023 Board elections. It will be updated to provide biographies of nominees when elections begin.

There are two open Board seats for the 2023 election cycle.

The currently planned schedule is:

  • Jan 16 – Start accepting nominations

  • Jan 26 – Member meeting with nomination announcement at the meeting

  • Feb 6 – Nominations close

  • Feb 26 – Nominees return questionnaires

  • April 5 – Start election

  • April 26 – End election