Meet the INTC Board Members & Officers

Nalini Elkins


President, Trustee

Nalini Elkins is the President of the Industry Network Technology Council.  ​​

She is also the CEO and Founder of Inside Products, Inc.  Nalini is a recognized leader in the field of computer performance measurement and analysis. In addition to being an experienced software product designer, developer, and planner, she is a formidable businesswoman. She has been the founder or co-founder of three start-ups in the high-tech arena.

Nalini started her career doing network design and monitoring for the Chevron network.  She specializes in network performance analysis, measurement, monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting of large enterprise networks.  One of her specialties is training and network design for IPv6 migration for large enterprises.  Many of the Fortune 1000 level companies as well as the large US government organizations have taken her classes on various networking topics. She has developed network monitoring and diagnostic products which were later marketed by IBM and other software companies.   She received the A.A. Michelson award from the Computer Measurement Group for her contributions to the field.   Nalini is on the Advisory Board of the India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc).

Barbara STARK


Barbara Stark was a Lead Member of the Technical Staff in the Standards and Industry Alliances organization at AT&T when she retired in 2021. She had spent her entire (over 30 years) career working in the telecommunications industry, at AT&T, BellSouth, and then (as a result of merger) AT&T again. She has been involved in standards and external industry activities for IP-connected consumer electronics devices and home networking technologies since 1999, participating throughout the years in Broadband Forum (BBF), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), National Emergency Number Association (NENA), Wi-Fi Alliance, HomeGrid Forum (on the Board of Directors), Broadband Internet Technology Advisory Group (BITAG), Consumer Technology Association (CTA), UPnP Forum, and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). In BBF, she was an instigator of TR-069 (CPE WAN Management Protocol) and has edited a variety of BBF Technical References (TRs). Barbara is also listed as an author or contributor of a handful of IETF RFCs, contributed to UPnP Forum and DLNA documents, and holds several patents. Barbara received a BSEE and BA (German language) from The University of Texas at Austin and a MSEE from Stanford University.​
​Barbara Stark won the Woman in Telecoms Award at the World Communication Awards 2019 for her pioneering role in the development of Broadband Forum’s globally-deployed TR-069 standard, its User Services Platform (USP), and a myriad of additional contributions to the Forum, as well as her contribution and leadership in other global standards organizations.

Dhruv dhody

Secretary, Trustee

Dhruv Dhody is the Principal Engineer at Huawei-India. They have been with Huawei for more than 20 years. They are currently working on research & standards for various technologies such as Path Computation Element (PCE), Segment Routing (SR), Network Slicing and SDN technologies. They have been an active IETF contributor since 2010 in the Routing area with a focus on Path Computation, Traffic Engineering and SDN. They serve on the Internet Architecture Board as a board member and an IAB liaison to the IESG as well as the IAB Outreach Coordinator. They also co-chair the PCE WG and EO-DIR. They are part of the Routing and Operations Directorate. In the past, they also served on the IETF list moderator’s team.

Apart from the technical work, they also focus on increasing IETF participation from the Asia/Pacific and other under-represented regions and advancing diversity and inclusion in the Industry.


CHAIR, Trustee

Cathy is currently serving as the chair of the board of INTC.

Cathy began her networking career in 1988 at Merit Network as an engineer on the NSFNet and a regional network called CICNet. She was later responsible for routing and addressing at @Home Network, a startup that provided Internet over the cable TV network. She helped develop innovative network management tools at Packet Design and was VP of Architecture at NetVMG.

Cathy served on the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) Advisory Council from June 1998-December 2016. Cathy continues to participate in ARIN and was the ARIN IETF Reporter from 2011-2020. In the IETF reporter role, Cathy worked to make sure that the ARIN community was informed about what was going happening at the IETF especially things that would affect the RIR system or Internet Number policy.

Cathy is co-founder of net-grrls, a group that supports women in the Internet industry by creating space for women to gather at Industry events and online to discuss and exchange ideas. She is also active in the IETF Systers, a similar gathering of women participants at the IETF.

Cathy is also on the board of Honoring Our Veterans, a non-profit organization, and works with combat wounded veterans. 



Michael Ackermann is the lead Network Engineer of the System Management and Monitoring Team, at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

He is responsible for all aspects of planning, engineering, deployment and administration for all enterprise wide Management, Monitoring and Diagnostic activities.

Mike also serves as a chief architect for all Plan related IT issues. He has been a member of the BluesNet and Network Advisory Group committees since their inception and has served as committee and subcommittee chair on numerous occasions. Mike has also been a member of several advisory boards and is currently active in the IETF.



Alvaro Retana is VP of Technology Strategy at Futurewei Technologies. He has served as a Board Member of the Industry Network Technology Council (INTC) since 2021, has published four technical books, and has been awarded over 60 patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Alvaro has been participating in the IETF since 1998, where he has co-authored several documents on routing technology. He previously co-chaired the Routing Area Working Group (rtgwg) and served as Routing Area Director (2015-2023). Alvaro is co-chair of the Source Packet Routing in Networking WG (spring) and a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).
Alvaro holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Costa Rica. He was born and raised in San José and now lives in North Carolina with his wife and two sons.​

William Scheible


CISSP, ESEP, IEEE Senior/Life member

William (Bill) Scheible began his IT and Networking career when he was talked into taking a flow-charting class during his senior year in college. Sometime later he found himself in Silicon Valley, California at the beginning of the timesharing and networking era. He joined the staff of the fledging Tymshare/Tymnet company and was taught him everything there was to know about component level computer design.  Soon he was an assembly language programmer working on developing and supporting some of the first packet switching networks, and had become an expert in international data communications.     Moving to Bank of America for several years as a network architect, Bill returned to Tymshare to manage their on-line credit card processing division supporting 13 Western US states.  After a stint in radio and SATCOM development for data networks, Bill moved to Virginia and entered US Government network sales and support.

 Returning to commercial business, Bill managed technical training and later on-line ERP systems for Sprint International (Alcatel) in Reston, VA.  Following a 4-year stint as an independent ERP and Network consultant, Bill joined Transaction Network Services (TNS) as the Senior Vice-President for IT/CIO.   TNS was the largest service provider for dial-up credit card authorizations in the country.    At the end of the “Dot Com” craziness, Bill joined the MITRE Corporation in McLean, VA.   In his 19+ year  career at MITRE as a principal consultant, Bill has been providing networking, security and systems engineering advice to US Government sponsors including virtually all DoD and IC agencies, as well as DHS, DOJ, DOE and others.  Bill was one of the first contractors hired to support the standup of DHS.

Outside of work, Bill was a youth sports coach and referee, and in his early days was a race car driver and mechanic. He still maintains interests in automotive, marine and aeronautical pursuits.  He is the current past Chair/co-chair of the IEEE NoVA Section, a former President of the Washington area Systems Engineering (INCOSE) chapter, and a Director in the International INCOSE organization.  A long-time member of the IEEE P-1912 IoT security standards group, Bill is also involved with several international working groups on Security, Quality Management, Telecommunications and Systems design.  He has published several papers on networking and systems design,  and holds degrees in Finance and Business Management.




Mohit is a faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, Mangalore, India. He is a Member of the Advisory Board of ns-3 Consortium, and is a co-maintainer of TCP and traffic-control modules in ns-3. He works on TCP optimisations, Linux queue disciplines, Data plane optimizations and Wi-Fi rate adaptation.

You can reach the board at intc-board (at)