Enterprise Advisory Council (EAC)

The EAC is intended to influence INTC directions and priorities, based on global, cross-industry, enterprise perspectives.  By making INTC better aware of the unique needs that enterprises may have, related issues can be better addressed at International Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), such as the IETF. 

The long term value of EAC participation and INTC involvement, in general, is the hope that future network protocols and applications will begin to reflect more of what large enterprise user communities need, rather than what vendors want to sell.  
In general, the EAC will illuminate what topics are important to enterprises that INTC can possibly address or assist with. 


Related objectives will include: 
  • Representation of issues, use cases, and general interests of enterprises at industry organizations, such as SDOs.  
  • Providing information regarding activities that occur at such organizations that enterprises should be aware of.  
  • Discussing, addressing, and providing views on current operational topics.

   EAC can be reached at eac (at) industrynetcouncil.org





EAC’s Mission: Determine or contribute to INTC directions and priorities based on
global, cross-industry, enterprise perspectives.