IPv6 Webinar Series: Introduction to IPv6: Class (Part 1)

Date: February 4, 2021
Time: 00:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC
Slides: Slides
Recording: Recording

To be successful in implementing and understanding IPv6 networks, you need to first understand the IPv6 address methodology which is, in many ways, a fundamental change from the IPv4 paradigm. In this introduction, you will become familiar with what is different as well as what is the same with IPv6.

  • Public and private addresses
  • IPv6 Prefixes
  • IPv6 Address Structure
  • IPv6 Interface ID
  • IPv6 Addressing and Address Allocation Methods (stateless, statefull)
  • Address types, unicast, multicast, anycast
  • Address categories: global, site local, link local
  • Unique Local Unicast addresses
  • Zero compression
  • Special addresses (loopback, unspecified, IPv4 mapped IPv6)
  • Broadcast address elimination

This webinar will be followed by a hands-on lab to illustrate the concepts shown.  You do not need any equipment to participate.  We will send full instructions so that if you wish, you may do the same commands / exercises but this is entirely optional.

Presented by Nalini Elkins.