IoT Webinar Series: 6TiSCH and Deterministic Networks

Date: May 12, 2022
Time: 15:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC
Location: UTC
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Despite the general benefits experienced with converging data, mail, voice, and video over IP, a number of domains in Operational Technology (OT) including Industrial IoT, vehicular automation, professional audio, and so on, still rely on semi-proprietary technologies for their the network operations. This is because machine-to-machine communications require deterministic properties such as guaranteed worst case latency and jitter and high reliability that traditional IP, which is based on statistical multiplexing and reactive congestion management, cannot offer.

In recent years, new work at IEEE 802.1 TSN and at the IETF with 6TiSCH, DetNet, and RAW, propose an evolution to IP networks that enable those deterministic properties for well characterized flows, over initially wired and then wireless networks. This session will introduce the concept of deterministic networking and how it applies to IoT, keeping in mind that machines are not necessarily small and constrained, and that automation applies to large things such as trains and nuclear plants. The architectures behind DetNet, 6TiSCH, and RAW, how they relate and specifically how they can leverage IPv6, will be browsed at a high level.

Pascal’s Bio:
The presenter, Pascal Thubert from Cisco, is a co-editor of RFC 8655 (the DetNet architecture), RFC 9030 (the 6TiSCH architecture), and the WIP draft RAW architecture, and well as the RPL routing protocol (RFC 6550), the 6LoWPAN Header Compression (RFC 6282) and Neighbor Discovery (RFC 8505 / 8928 / 8929) protocols.