IoT Webinar Series: Routing protocol in Industrial IoT: on RPL in existing –  RFCs 6550, 9008, DAO projection

Date: June 9, 2022
Time: 15:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC
Location: UTC
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RPL, the IETF standard for routing in low power lossy networks, was designed to meet unusual constraints in terms of scale (high), device capabilities (limited), and link reliability and capacity (very low). To meet those constraints, RFC 6550 introduced a number of innovations with the use of anisotropic routing, stretched P2P path, autonomic properties, objective functions, multi-topology routing, and a distance-vector operation that is proactive in setup but reactive in maintenance. RPL is now being extended at one extreme with a fully ADHOC mode called AODV RPL, and a centrally controlled mode called Route Projection. This session will browse through the main features of RFC 6550 and the route projection work.
Pascal’s Bio:

The presenter, Pascal Thubert from Cisco, is a co-editor of RFC 8655 (the DetNet architecture), RFC 9030 (the 6TiSCH architecture), and the WIP draft RAW architecture, and well as the RPL routing protocol (RFC 6550), the 6LoWPAN Header Compression (RFC 6282) and Neighbor Discovery (RFC 8505 / 8928 / 8929) protocols.