IPv6 and Evolving 5G Deployments

Date: December 16, 2021
Time: 00:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC
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In this presentation Uma Chunduri talks about evolving 5G deployments in operator networks, in Multi-access Edge Clouds (MECs) as well as on-prem edges from requirements to network challenges. He talks about the ubiquitous and intelligent computing demands and usage of IPv6 in these deployments. He also talks about some of the unaddressed challenges in the network layer.

About Uma: Uma S. Chunduri is a 5G NW Architect at Next Generation and Standards Group, Intel and working on MEC NW architecture, intelligent compute scaling, edge strategy and solutions.

Uma is an IP routing and wireless expert with 20+ years of R&D background and expertise in SPs, CoSPs and Cloud networks. He previously worked at Futurewei (Huawei USA) as a Distinguished Engineer & Sr. Director of Technology at Future Networks CTO office providing solutions to enable various industry verticals with deterministic network services, 5G/B5G transport NW strategy and technology research & standardization. He is a technology contributor at ETSI, ITU-T FG2030 and at IETF with 10+ published RFCs and numerous Internet Drafts, as well as secured 50+ patents in his career. Uma was also with Intoto/Freescale Semiconductors, Kineto Wireless and was a Principal Systems Engineer at Ericsson R&D, USA. Uma is based in Santa Clara, California.